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Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce offers a wide range of international trade training courses for members and non-members



Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce has a number of nationally accredited international trade courses delivered by the Accredited Chamber Network that together form an import and export curriculum.

These courses give international traders the essential skills invaluable to small and large businesses alike.

During each course the candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the subject, and their performance is marked by an external assessor.


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Pricing and Quoting for Overseas Supply

Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm
Location: Online
Price: Members: £56.25 + VAT
Price: Non-Members: £67.50 + VAT

Quotations for an export supply and the preparation of Pro-Forma invoices which can eventually be a main constituent part of long-term trading commitments, not just of one-off orders, are an area where exporters can sometimes cause themselves problems. And the pro-forma invoice can be the basis for a Letter of Credit goods description making it potentially the most important document in a series.

There are many steps in the supply process, all of which contribute to the eventual cost which should be covered by a comprehensive quotation. The course will look at all stages of an export supply situation so that all possible items are considered in any quotation. Just as important is using the correct tariff code for imports or exports. This is the joint responsibility of both the exporter and the importer. When quoting it is important to have these details correctly calculated.

In each of the above circumstances it can be very costly if insufficient attention is paid to getting things right.

Suitable for staff involved in export or import in manufacturing and supply, as well as shipping, logistics and related activities.

Appointing and Working with Overseas Clients

Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm
Location: Online
Price: Members: £56.25 + VAT
Price: Non-Members: £67.50 + VAT

Appointing a Sales Agent or Distributor for an overseas market can be an effective way of entering or expanding your export sales without much of the outlay that would be required by approaching the market directly.

An agent will operate as your representative in the market, usually working on a commission basis, but you will need to have a good understanding of the opportunities and risks within that market.

A distributor will operate as your exclusive customer and supplier for a specified country or region.

The course will look at the plus and minus points for each arrangement and the aspects which will need to be considered prior to making an appointment. Suitable for Export Sales Staff and to assist with the understanding of these arrangements by shipping and operations staff from Exporting and Importing companies.


Customs Procedures, including IPR, OPR and RGR

Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm
Location: Online
Price: Members: £56.25 + VAT
Price: Non-Members: £67.50 + VAT

An understanding of Import and Export Customs Procedures is now more important than ever. Brexit and the UK departure from the Customs Union that is still operated by the EU 27 members has changed the environment, documentation and procedures required to trade internationally.

Delegates will gain an understanding of the relationship between Trade and Customs and an appreciation of what happens at each stage of the trade process.

Inward Processing Relief can be used to obtain relief from Customs Duty and Import VAT on goods that are imported from outside the UK to be processed in some circumstances.

Outward Processing Relief similarly can be used to obtain relief. Many companies send partially manufactured goods overseas for a further part of the process and then re-import them for completion or to stock.

Customs Warehousing is becoming an increasingly useful tool in the international trader’s armoury. In all circumstances where these reliefs are utilised it is important to keep thorough records. The course will take delegates through the necessary procedures.

Inward and Outward Processing Relief can save a lot of money but can be quite challenging. The course will also look at Duty Guarantees and Returned Goods Relief.

Trade and Finance (For Importers and Exporters)

Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm
Location: Online
Price: Members: £56.25 + VAT
Price: Non-Members: £67.50 + VAT

Your company’s success in international markets will be directly related to the knowledge and expertise of the export or import staff as well as your finance staff and their competence when dealing with your customers, suppliers, bankers, insurers and freight forwarders. The course creates and develops that competence by focusing on such activities as lending, ensuring payment is made, opening letters of credit, and export credit insurance. There is a complete description of the documentation required to achieve payment from customers or timely shipments from your supply chain.

Knowledge of these processes is essential for anyone working in an international trade position responsible for arranging finance, ensuring timely payments are received, and developing an efficient trade performance.

This course covers in detail the various instruments of payment for trade, such as Letters of Credit, drafts, Bonds & Guarantees, Export or Import Factoring, Credit Risk Reporting, Forfaiting and Avalisation and looks at how businesses can use these instruments as part of their trade finance operations to maximise business profitability and working capital.


M I Ex (Grad), A B F A dip, A M C I L T, F R G S

Companies are increasingly seeking in-house training for its flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Employees and organisation achieve their goals and receive a strong return on investment.

  • Convenience - as timings are suited to your required dates
  • Less Disruption - to work schedules
  • Confidentiality and Direct Relevance - to company needs
  • Value for Money - as the charges are per event rather than per person
  • Time Savings - all the work involved in designing the training activity

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Graham is a graduate of the Institute of Export and International Trade, holds the diploma of the Asset Based Finance Association, is a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport as well as the Financial Intermediary and Brokers Association. His career spans UK and international trade and commercial trade finance. Core experience is in supply chain logistics, letters of credit and trade documentation together with sales and sourcing of the most appropriate finance facilities for UK as well as import and export situations.

International trading companies retain Graham as an external source of advice and assistance, in some cases outsourcing part of their international trade function.

Training is provided on a wide range of international trade documentation and logistics, as well as finance disciplines. If you have attended one of Graham’s courses, you should always feel free to make contact to resolve queries or seek advice or assistance.



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